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Statistical Perspective on Machine Learning

Published in Informatics Community 2017, 2017

In this session, we talked about the equivalent of statistics and probability science in machine learning, which pieces of the puzzle represent, and probabilistic and statistical perspectives. Read more

Computational Machine Learning

Published in Grade Seminar, 2017

We built the foundations of this meeting on computational methods in machine learning. Tensor, Hadoop, Distributed Machine Learning and Application and Optimization Methods; Convex and Concave functions Read more

How Deep is Deep Learning?

Published in Grade Seminar, 2018

In this talk, we talked about traditional machine learning methods and deep learning methods and the differences between them. Read more

Start to End Machine Learning

Published in Grade Seminar, 2021

In this meeting, we talked about the milestones that machine learning has passed from its beginning to the present and the level we have reached. Read more


21-09-2022 Daily Reading Log


Due to my business life, I could not find time to read, write and produce for a long time. During this time, besides the tiredness of business life, I took some time to listen to myself. That’s why I decided to write my first blog post Creating and producing time. During this time, I share the contents that I read and take notes without any date information. I did not have the chance to read much, but I can say that the contents I read contributed a lot to my knowledge. Read more