About Me


My name is Muhammad Bilgin, I’m a man with unusual pleasures.. April 19, 1990 I was born in Istanbul. Although I am planning to live in Alaska in the future, I am still in Istanbul.

When I was 7, it was clear what profession I was going to do in the future..

I used to open up the toys, tamper it, break it and then try to fix it. Because of this and all the other reasons, my mom and dad had stopped buying toys for me.

As someone who has been curious since my childhood; I’m a computer engineer. Again my curiosity went down on an adventure called Artificial Intelligence.. I don’t do great things; ”Here will be a link“. But again wondering, I’m going to follow my curiosity..

Why this place?

I opened this place to share what I learned. I think it’s important to share information. What I learned, what I have done, maybe someone will add new things to what I do in the open, perhaps what I have learned teaches him. It doesn’t matter..

So, interest, hobbies, like or something

I’m actually looking for new things, even though it’s my job. What can i say; different ideas, different perspectives, or like something. i love classical music and opera. Not because I’m Aristotle, i’m really like them. I love climbing, I don’t have much experience, but I love it. Camping, hiking etc. I follow the NBA until the night time. I want to play an instrument, but I lack talent.


I’m a stranger, and we’il probably never meet you.. That’s why, so it surprised me even if you read so far. I know you turned your face to the other side when you see it on the street, let’s not fool each other.. However, I opened a part of my world here and you were a guest. I hope I was a good host. If you want to know more than that, you can already know me from my articles on this blog.

Those who want to do character analysis can get a job.